Galaxy Samsung S2, 200,000 pre-orders in South Korea

Samsung has released the amount of orders received S II Galaxy at home in Korea South, no less than 200,000 applications between the three major distributors and between Monday of last week and the launch on Friday. 160,000 of these pre-orders came from the hand of the operator SK Telecom .

Data on orders terminals appear to have no relevance, but have in the extent to which the Galaxy S II managed to reach the figure of 10,000 units in the first 29 minutes and doubled in just over an hour. Moreover, according to data provided by Samsung, the pre-orders S II Galaxy outscored the iPhone 4 last year in the Korean nation and leave a very high barrier for the upcoming smartphone from Apple. So, if we ignore these figures, the Galaxy S II itself is a serious competitor to the iPhone. A for Apple, and its policy on the distribution of handsets, we must say that was the only player to KT and that months later, in March, joined SK Telecom . Samsung has not set the initial limitation.

In the long term ambitions of Samsung and its Galaxy S II , in terms of sales, are relatively modest. They plan to reach 10 million smartphones in the entire 2011 , the same sales of the original S Galaxy last year. Caution in these data is given because it is not just to compete with the iPhone and iOS , but the Galaxy has competition at home, in your own operating system, Android , and all manufacturers who use it. Comparing this expectation of Samsung with Apple, just remember that the apple company exceeded 18.6 million iPhones this winter.